Optimize Windows

Zagruzku loading system slows down service “Background Intelligent service.” In fact, it does nothing useful, it can safely start otklyuchit.Zaydite-do-type msconfig.Pereydite Services tab, locate the ‘Background Intelligent Service‘ and remove galochku.Posle reboot you will see a significant increase in load. 2.Otklyuchaem avtozagruzku.Bolshinstvo torozit systems due to the large number of programs in memory (especially with 256 and less). Basically this is the program that you really are not needed in memory (well, installed the program, and every writer wants to be a program loaded at startup Windows, although it may inappropriately). This action will reduce significant memory consumption. How can I check?. After starting Windows, call the dispatcher tasks and posmorite protsessora.Ona loading should not exceed 4-5%.

Zadumatsya otherwise be on the optimization. 3.Otklyuchaem extra sluzhby.Vot list services that can be disabled if you do not need:-Task Scheduler: Responsible for the launch of certain programs at certain times. For example, you can adjust to every day at a certain time run ‘scandisk’ or ‘defrag’. If such a function not needed, then this service can be disabled. -Messenger: Receives and sends messages sent to the administrator.

If there is no network administrator, you can disable it. -Protected Storage: Protects valuable data, key users. Prohibits unauthorized access. If there is no network (including Internet), or do not care about security, this service can be disabled. -Computer Browser: Updates the list of computers on the network. If you do not have a local network, you can disable. -Event Log: Deals with the fact that keeps a log of system and software developments and events in the security system.