Clean Technology .

I would like to express their vision for the future, what technology will come to us, which way will our civilization. These issues concern everyone who is a little thought about the future. From the beginning We will understand about what we have, our technology in general, now backward, and it harms not only the environment but also ourselves. Millions of cars emit a lot of toxic substances in the big cities it becomes difficult to breathe and they are wrapped always suffocating smog. Our factories and power plants and pollute and poison our rivers lakes and soil. Outdated and space technology, the output of goods into orbit costs a lot of money, but the flight to stars becomes impossible. Destroying the environment we put ourselves in a situation where we all need to make a choice, the choice can only be one, or we will face great difficulties, or we change our technology without destroying the environment of our habitat. And of course the choice falls on those technologies that will not pollute the environment. Such technologies appear to be more to penetrate our lives. By this technique applies to all engines with zero emissions. And one of them and I want to introduce you: This engine is a heat engine, it is lightweight, it has a minimum of moving parts. Uses the sun's energy, but Unlike the solar panels can operate at night. It can be put on the car, ships, submarines, aircraft and even the spacecraft into orbit with the cost of output of goods sharply decreases.