Nicotine Throat Prufunda

I try to quit smoking, not the first time, although of course I hope will be the last, and from the experience of failure in these avatars, try dialing a degree of experience. One of the adverse reactions that grows in the nicotinesco critical period is the arrival of a blustery front of inner truth and absolute discharge as vehement outbursts and insults and sound to the person with confidence that you have at hand, without caring in over their status or religion. That is, small and bearable vital mistakes made by action or omission, are seen as most important, because in fact precipitation are snowy, but we believe that not passing a morning dew. In my case, being in the final phase of the bell curve of detoxification, the phantom of the opera to take off his mask, he showed me the status of slavery in which sits my life, have an obligation to pay form of real estate mortgages. Among my tribute to the “god of the sheep” are: “We can not leave a job without finding another previously. This means that regardless of whether they support your work situation, your business does not add anything you need as a person or a few months to clarify your life, your mind … … etc … …. to put a few examples. It disables you to make these decisions. -Increase in fixed costs. This implies that the revenue available to make your hobby decline so superlative, and not consider the case that there is an idea to become a parent. “Working for … as was this ….oh yes, … … to live “forgotten. “Frustrations. Have saved over three years to finally had to make a mortgage hanging. Let the facts speak institutional powers of the Constitution as our supreme rule and invulnerable and the time to decide, articles and access to decent housing is in a second division. You save those guilty of that whole system is exhausted and dying, and yet nobody saved me. And after all, do not even like living in a city, painful place that promotes individualism, caged in our dwellings from 50 to 100 m2, robotic and stupid, afraid to meet us, to touch us. Frightened by the news we read, see and hear. Que miedo! That bogeyman, who is also your neighbor! Uuuuuuuuuu. Anyway, I have to thank some side effects of the absence of snuff.