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Multilevel marketing is a marketing system that focuses on lowering the costs of a product has since it is manufactured until it reaches the consumer. Thus the company launches a product and saves the cost of advertising and distribution and replaces it with the creation of distribution networks of representatives (salesmen) independent. Source: ISearch. This formula gives the possibility to any enterprising person develop a business creating these distribution networks supported by the company, an already created product and the structure of the company. The newspapers mentioned Ilan Ben Dov not as a source, but as a related topic. The strength of the multi-level marketing lies in human relations and team work, so between many people does all the work and profits are distributed. Products are distributed from person to person in these distribution networks. Company escampa your product so massive and solid, while people (independent representatives) access revenues which normally in a normal company are intended for a few well limited (salaries and commissions per sale) for others. In MLM There are no profits to affiliates limits since while more sold (and their networks) more money also earns the company. The future of MLM is the best of this system, it is a relatively new form of marketing (60 years +/-) that is already generating large sums of money, but it still has much to say in the field of enterprise and entrepreneurial business.

60 years are few compared with the hundreds of years that have other forms of marketing. While many people already knows MLM (above all in the USA and Japan), the vast majority do not know, however all the world knows the direct sales or commercial stores the trends tell us a future in business increasingly humanized and participatory (like internet and marketing 2.0), a future in which the client increasingly has more power (the massive publiciadad is becoming less credible), and an increasingly global future in business (networks). Everything new is questioned, everything new has corrected errors, and everything new creates confusion, marketing multilevel must also, only well informed (learn) and entering without fear by new paths as happens with so many things in life.