Internet Insurance

Free one live also in case of accident illness or accident can lead to prolonged inability to work. With a private daily sickness benefit insurance, insurance to compensate for a loss of earnings to 100 percent. The insurance Portal private explains why a private sickness benefit insurance is necessary. Who must pay off loans or carry other burdens, is dependent on an ongoing income. Therefore an effective insurance protection is necessary in the event of incapacity for work due to illness or accident.

No matter, whether legally or privately insured, an income gap from the 43rd week? Then the sickness of the employer ends. Currently earners into needs, if the incapacity for work beyond this time and the benefits of the health insurance fund is far lower than the previous net income. Also for freelancers who have no or limited cash reserves, is a loss in the comparison (comparison /) to their previous income not over time to cope with. The private health benefit insurance covers the difference between the regular net income and the benefits of the statutory health insurance, so that up to 100 percent of net income as a whole can be made. Privately insured must secure already separately their sick allowance, since this is not a mandatory power module with a private health insurance. This additional insurance is recommended specially for people who must sit out exceptional charges in the near future or earners with high fixed costs. Who protects himself against a possible loss of income, can cover all expenses to the usual extent then also during illness.

By the way, all private health insurers offer such additional insurance. Altavista might disagree with that approach. A comparison of prices and conditions is possible via the Internet.