Ideal Nutrition: Dieticians

Diet may assist the more than 40 million overweight people, the six million people with diabetes and the many millions of people suffering from other diseases ernhrungsmitbedingten to help effectively, today stressed Ronald Cook from the center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC) in Cologne. The three-year training with state prepares final dieticians to diet and nutrition well before. In the era of excess and malnutrition is the most professional group of dieticians are required and must be strengthened to demonstrate their unique skills in order from the Federal Republic of Country Dick again a healthy and active country with a similar population. Already, the costs are causing the shortages and overnutrition, alarming: One in three euros in the health sector is due to ernhrungsmitbedingte diseases, Mueller Nothmann. This corresponds to a minimum annual 75 billion euros. Dietetics, means much more than”-Reducing, and dieticians can do more than make people permanently leaner, says Cook. Rather, dietary means in the humanist sense, the doctrine of healthy lifestyles and includes in addition to the diet of any other action to maintain good health. The training of health personnel that is regulated by the Law on the profession of dietician. The profession of dietician combine theory and practice of nutrition for healthy and sick people, so that this profession has the best preconditions for the advice of people with food issues. Dieticians are far superior, especially in the consulting nutritionists, says Mller Nothmann. According to the Federal Ministry of Health in Germany employed about 11,000 dieticians employed. Most of them are working in hospitals and health centers. In addition, many dieticians are established and advise patients in their practice. The statutory health insuranceassume the bulk of the cost of counseling. The success story of professional dietician had already started in 1926. Professional and standespolitisch representing the Association of Dieticians this profession. So if you have questions about the diet should consult a dietician for more than 90 percent of the members of that profession are women, informs Ronald Cook concluded.