For perspective, commenting

For perspective, commenting that before him, had introduced Japan Karate, from Okinawa and that teachers pioneers had very different views on the fight. Some believed in full contact and the search for efficiency, and Choki Motobu. Others were opposed to free sparring by considering it as “highly dangerous” and studied how best to practice. In one form or another form of combat imposed the “no contact”, inspired by the Kendo and teachers who believed in fighting with contact were removed from the mainstream in karate at the time. On this point, I recommend reading the articles Kenji Tokitsu very biendocumentados and high quality. The young Oyama, after you pass the practice Shotokan Goju Ryu (style that I find very interesting and unfortunately I have not had a chance to practice), where his instructor recommended him to the mountain retreat to hone his technique and his spirit (this is where some people understand “spirit” as they think and then talk about the “spirituality of martial arts …). According to the official biography, Oyama made the withdrawal and remained one year and a half, instead of the 3 originally planned, but other sources state that went up the mountain in company with two other practitioners of Korean origin, like him, but that these remained in the mountains of 3 full years, after which period they founded two separate styles of Karate. Will talk about this in due course. l down the mountain, Oyama feels transformed (as expected) and open the legendary “Oyama Dojo”.Their method still has no name and is a compendium of everything you’ve learned. That yes, they begin to lay the groundwork for what would later be “house brand” in the style of Karate that boasts KO: work hard and intense, both technically and physically and use training methods proven effective, as the heavy bag, working with fitness equipment, etc.. And what about the other teachers and styles established “classics” Some questioned the validity of the 8th Dan Master Oyama and receiving a visitor has to show whether the degree was actually earned. True or not, the case is establishing a “nonaggression pact” and every man for himself. After the continue .. .