HDT Seminar Efficient Procedure Profession

In part 2 the successful HDT-seminar series-energy management in industry, currently the 10th revision since 2010 the successful seminar series on energy management and to improve energy efficiency in the process industry, 2013 in the fourth year takes place. Their contents are adapted to the constantly changing conditions updated daily. Prof. Dr.-ing. Axel Gottschalk Bremerhaven University introduces, and SUPREN GmbH, Dortmund, in the 2-day seminar of the HDT energy-efficient procedures for procedural processes on November 4-5, 2013 in food methods for process planning and process analysis: mass and energy balances, energy / CO2 benchmarks, exergy – and Pinchanalyse with heat power totals curves, pinch point, the minimum heating and coolant requirements before. Heat through a heat exchanger network for optimal heat integration is entered on the integration process under presentation of commercial software tools, as well the integration process is deepened water and wastewater. Seminar series: energy management and energy efficiency in the process industry part 1 – in process engineering Procedures for processes on 4th-5th November 2013 in food part 3 – devices and components in food, 24-25 November 2013 each part of the series can be booked independently farms on the 23-24 Sept 2013 and 14-15 Oct. 2013 in eating part 2 – energy efficient, the total number is deducted.

As an energy management system for the overall operation is realized optimally across again special conditions apply for several employees of a company. More of technology e.V., Tel. information those interested in the House 0201/1803-1, Ms. meadow, fax 0201/1803-346 or direct to W-H040-11-943-3 Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man