Graphics Of A Cell In Excel

Until the 2007 version of Excel, to see a visual representation of data using the familiar graphics, but with the arrival of Excel 2010 created a new tool to complement coming. These are graphics on a single cell. With them you can now create tiny integrated graphics within each cell. Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article. These will be used to easily detect patterns of data in the tables. This is a very simple and quick to highlight the important trends of the data (such as seasonal increases and decreases). In this little mini see how they are generated: To make use of we select only the cells where we want to put these charts in miniature (usually a column next to the data table). Then we click on the Insert tab, choosing line, column or gain or loss. In particular, the choice seems more visual online format.

The format I see it gain or loss is strongly indicated when interpreting balance sheets, which seldom occur in the red. Next, dial the cell range that we will use as the basis for the graphs and these will be generated instantly. fast, simple and intuitive interpretation of the data in the table, identify trends and monitor developments. What at first was a fairly poor legibility of numbers has now become easily understandable. In earlier versions should have generated a graph that includes all the series (if you use the same scale) or a graphic for each one of them. The value offered by this new feature of Excel 2010 is evident.