Darkness Gateway

We walked for a whole day, but did not meet a single living creature. Tired and hungry all the way, we saw only two away the dying village, and three decapitated human corpse. It seems the orcs have moved far ahead, but we are they in the rear. In this situation of affairs we will never overtake them. It was getting dark. We had to find a place to sleep, but it was hard to do, as there was a steppe, but the burned field.

The only place for the night was woods where it consisted of twenty trees and overgrown on the outskirts of thorns. Since we have no choice we went for it. Approaching it, we discovered that the bushes are very dense and just after he did not get in, so we got out of the sheath their swords and began to hack their way. Bush was very scratchy, and when we finally got out of it, all pricked, then sighed with relief. We turned to look around and realized that this Chaparral is not easy, it was grown, to hide from prying eyes, so that there was. -Yes this is the elven gate! – After a pause said Denon. Yes it was they.

Straight down the middle of the woods, there were three wood, woven together, forming a dome, beneath them was a stone with an inscription in Elvish, and something like a pedestal of the roots on which stood the stone. (With these gates elves moved over long distances, as they once stood in all parts of the world. But 5 years ago at a meeting of magicians of people made a decision on the destruction of these gates, as their use could only elves, but their movement no trace could not, because the gates are not yielded no other magic) – Yes, it seems the elves had hidden some of the gates of the human eye! – I replied. – It’s a pity we are not like will not help – again, Denon said. – Well, how? – With a smile, “I said – It is a great place to spend the night here and spend the night! – As you say – Denon said, and brave step to equip the night went Through time we went to bed and sleep as soon as we overcame. Slept very well, maybe it’s because in the air elfin magic, or perhaps because that we are very tired. All was quiet. Suddenly the earth trembled, I woke up, opened his eyes and immediately closed them all lit up a strong light. I began to squint to see anything, but my attempts were in vain, the light was too bright.