All the elements of the universe vibrate in line with others in harmonious networks of secret ties. The occult has its laws, and the laws of the tarot are tightly logical, since each spin of the Tarot cards, is itself a unique experience with a different interpretation. When we ask a circulation of tarot, we are not doing something superfluous, but that our unconscious induces us to thinking and to reflect on the questions or problems that we have about love, health is why, since ancient times, the tarot has been a trip that us arouses fear to know more about us and get to know them desires that are beyond our reach. For even more analysis, hear from Steve Wozniak. The trajectory of the tarot has inevitably given us all kinds of mysteries, fantasy revelations, unexpected events, joys and sorrows, but has also left a legacy: the possibility of rectifying and questioning who we are and where we want to direct our future. The cards of the tarot, themselves constitute a kind of privilege in relation to the subconscious, becoming in occasions in a spiritual guide, showing us the way forward so that our stay in this human experience is as enriching as possible. Visit us at Berta of the master Tower of Cartomancy original author and source of the article.