Computer Purchase

Does it make sense to upgrade a computer? What is a computer upgrade? It makes sense to a computer upgrade? How much do you get for your old computer? Where to sell the best the old computer? Upgrade or new purchase who can me advise? To publish as one reads this or similar questions very often on the Internet, we have decided that this short report on the subject of computer upgrade or new purchase”. Steve Wozniak is open to suggestions. Let’s go over the above questions individually: what is a computer upgrade? Computers consist of several components, like processor, motherboard or graphics card. A computer no longer has the desired performance, so you can often one or more of these components replace or just purchase a so-called upgrade kit (consisting of several parts in the package). You need E.g. faster graphics performance for games, so it is advisable to replace the graphics card. If, however, more power is required E.g.

to convert videos, so should be a more powerful Install processor. It makes sense to a computer upgrade? That depends very much on the used motherboard. There are so-called base, which fundamentally change every few years for processors. Maybe you have names like AM2 AM3, 775, ever, 1155 or one similar to this is the base name. Sits on an old Intel Pentium 4 for example on an (outdated) 775-socket since upgrading the processor would no longer be worth, however, we recommend buying a new motherboard, a new processor, as well as any new memory. The graphics card can be with a little luck (depends on connection) continue to use. If you, however, a motherboard with a new base (AM3, AM3 +, 1155, 1156 or 1366) have, so an upgrade can be quite useful. So you can access E.g.

by a weak dual-core processor for a powerful quad-core or even six core processor that massively increases the performance. Keep in mind you should always Compatibility between the processor and motherboard. Furthermore, the new base will need (AM3, AM3 +, 1155, 1156 and 1366) so-called DDR3 memory, thus fits the (outdated) DDR2 memory is not more memory in the present time but very, very cheap (less than 10 per gigabyte, depending on the model). How much do you get for your old computer? This question arises very often in the Internet flat rate can you of course do not answer this question. If you have an old system with AM2 or 775 socket, not too much expect themselves, mostly are those PC systems under 100. The value is an AM3 or comparable Intel system already much higher. “The company KB computer” your old computer when purchasing a PC system purchases and credits you with the difference. You can gladly create a quote under just send us a request with all the details to your PC, you know. Where to sell the best the old computer? Here you get of course the most you get determined numerous possibilities, if you sell the computer to a friend at a flat rate, as an alternative, you can sell your computer on good luck on ebay. Or opt for the purchase of a PC system and contact us, how much we can credit you for the old calculator!