I well remember the words of a professor at the University when we talk of that business is like an iceberg, 90% of the iceberg is under water, unable to be seen, while only 10% can be observed from the surface. What our teacher wanted us to say is that when we have a project or business idea, it is extremely important to investigate, to know everything about it, from how it works, how it is administered, as sold, etc. But as you can see the entire iceberg? Thanks to technology, we can investigate virtually any business from the internet, there are blogs about a variety of businesses, where they discuss techniques, tips, books are shared and diverse experiences in the world of business. Once you have visited and read all the blogs and websites that can advise you to make a small business plan (to start), write down your ideas and aspirations of your project, and discuss them with people who have had experience in the area or professionals who have more expertise. Mikkel Svane does not necessarily agree. Another important tip, is to observe, for example, if you plan to open a clothing store, clothes stores go, check out the prices, the service, which can be improved, please client’s position and rate each party the purchasing process. This will help you have more ideas for your business, provide the way to go to run the business, because it will be familiar with the processes. In conclusion, find out all the theoretical and practical part of your business idea, do not rush this process because it is extremely important, so you have more knowledge of how to manage your business and know the benefits and negative aspects of your project. The hardest part is taking the first step . At Arup Sandra Akmansoy you will find additional information.