Chinese Equipment

He visited three Chinese production of ceramic bricks, became acquainted with production technology and equipment. Upon returning from a trip Sergei Stepanovich Reshetov met with a reporter edition of the Northwest Economic Bulletin ". – What was the purpose of travel? – Our company plans to launch construction of ceramic blocks. To do this you must purchase production equipment. In recent years interesting proposals from China, so we decided to live to see the that the Chinese offer and how they are made. – Which city was able to visit during the trip? – First, we flew to Shanghai. Stayed there for long. Move on the car and drove to the provinces.

For one week we visited three provincial cities. Each lives of 5-6 million people. According to Chinese standards, it is quite a bit. – What is striking in China most of all? -The pace of development. China, with each passing hour is becoming more and more. In Shanghai, for example, is almost finished construction of the 500-meter skyscraper – one of the highest in Asia.

If I'm not mistaken, they have built it up to one year. In China, besides the skyscrapers being built and ordinary housing. Its built very much. Entire neighborhoods and cities. Most likely, in the xxi century, China is a country number 1. This has all the prerequisites. In the first place – rapidly developing industries. Dynamics of growth affects everyone. And in China, while rising almost all sectors of the economy. – How things work in the brick industry? – We visited three factories for the production of ceramic bricks. They stand apart in a 20 km radius. and for the year produce 700 million pieces of conventional brick. This is 6% of annual total Russian brick! Such plants in China are vast. – Where does the Chinese brick? – Wholly and completely, it is used in the construction of the national economy of China. From this made houses, factories, schools, hospitals and kindergartens. – It is believed that once the Chinese equipment is several times cheaper than Western Europe, the brick and it turns out not enough quality? I am convinced that it is not. By Chinese technology is identical to the most modern equipment imported analogues. Bricks, made in Chinese equipment receives an excellent appearance, and its characteristics corresponds to the Russian standards. The equipment allows to produce a full-bodied and hollow bricks of different shapes and sizes. – On what the Chinese produce a brick? – They have their own lines, extruders. I have carefully examined these extruders and was delighted with some of the engineering decisions and notions. They are in the manufacturing process involved in half of hydraulics than the Germans! Although the working principle is the same. – So you liked the Chinese equipment? – Loved it. – How many Chinese are working on the manufacture of bricks? – The plant, which produces 50 million bricks per year, the change consists of 60 people. They serve extruders, watching the feeding of raw materials, the work technology. – What will eventually affect your decision to opt for Chinese equipment? -Of course, its price. Rather, it quality-price ratio. My opinion is that modern Chinese equipment Today, the best option for the Russian manufacturers of brick. According to our estimates the payback period of this equipment is less than 2 years. This is very good and we are satisfied. And the high quality of this equipment of a brick, I have already spoken. Interview by Stanislav Sechenkov material prepared by the regional director of consulting company "Golden Bridge" Akopian A.