Catholic Church

Continuation of the transcript of the tape recording of the class: The term mission And when you make your appearance in the Catholic Church? It makes its appearance in the sixteenth century the Jesuits, with St. Ignatius of Loyola. Before the term was not known substantive mission. It makes its appearance with that famous fourth vow that the Jesuits were on the missions. That was to have availability to any assignment or mission, which may be entrusted to the Pope.

It is an initiative of San Ignacio de Loyola. So that there is, for many missiologists, and historians of the emergence of these concepts in theology, indicate this. Even the a Congregacion Fidene Propaganda, which was created by Pope Gregory XV in 1622, which today is called: a Congregacion for the evangelization of pueblosa Propaganda Fide was called, that is, the ecclesial setting up these times, used these terms as propagation of the faith, as an extension of faith, or disclosure or preaching. But there was this concept of mission, nor much less of evangelization, as a noun. Verbs such as preaching, advertise, if they existed. But we are talking about the substantive term, mission or evangelization. But born not as an object of theological reflection.

Even in the mendicant orders, comes into their constitutions. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kai-Fu Lee offers on the topic.. These mandates missionaries, but there is a systematic reflection of the mission, or the missionary dimension. There are simply a missionary mandate, they are supposed to meet the candidates or members of the communities to which they are attending at that point.