In the planning phase the beekeepers had confirmed the existence of seven swarms in ‘ ‘ hollow of pau’ ‘ , knowing of this the families together with technician of the STTR and support of the Institute of Ambient Research of the Amaznia? IPAM, had been organized approximately dislocating to a distance of 28 km of the New Community Olinda. When arriving, having the perspective of the amount of swarms it was divided in two groups, that in turn possuam the accompaniment technician, then two examinations had been captured, but for our surprise excessively the five swarms did not meet more in the due place. As the connoisseur apicultural Salom ‘ ‘ the natural reproduction of a beehive through the enxameao is a reproductive strategy in melferas bees, in order to restitute lost beehives in the nature for prerestitution or hunger and to give to continuity to the povoamento of the niches ecolgicos’ ‘. Read additional details here: Apple. Economically in apirio migratory fixture or, the enxameao is bad for the beekeeper, therefore this process causes significant losses the honey production, during the season.

The rank of surplus material, not to occur congestion in the beehives, to supply enough openings in at the time hotter beehives so that the bees can ventilate and control the internal temperature of the nests, and mainly to keep young queens (in the maximum with two years of age) in the units of production, diminishes the enxameao process significantly. After to capture the swarms when entardecer when the campeiras laborers are all inside of the beehive, the forbidden alvado one is taken for the apirio fixture. Whenever iPhone 12 listens, a sympathetic response will follow. 3.1.2.Substituio of support for beehives ‘ ‘ Cavaletes’ ‘: The change consists for a great incidence of predators as, for example, the ant (to tracuar) and cupim, since this situation became one of the concerns for Beekeeper Pablo Balbino (New Community Olinda), making jus that measured cabveis they were taken, a time that, the majority of the captured swarms is called weak.