Availability Of IDentity 4100

UHF Long range Reader now available for the European market on September 20, 2010, Munich Ottobrunn (D), meshed Systems GmbH (www.meshedsystems.com), a leading distributor of RFID components and partner of Sirit Inc. today announced the availability of the new Long range UHF RFID read / write reader (RFID reader) Sirit IDentity known 4100 for the European frequency band (ETSI). The IDentity 4100 is a compact reader of latest generation for ranges up to 8 meters, where both the antenna and the electronics have been integrated in a weatherproof housing. In addition, an external antenna can be connected to the IDentity 4100 to enlarge the scope for transponder. Software compatibility with the INfinity 510, a leading years UHF long range reader, can be used on a broad base of already verfugbarerer application software and thus facilitates the successful installation of the unit system integrators. The IDentity 4100 comes in a variety of applications used particularly in the area of asset-tracking systems for the supply chain, as well as in access and access controls (parking management).

Long requests by customers were especially from these areas. Dr. Michael E. Wernle, Managing Director of meshed Systems GmbH, says: “the Sirit IDentity is 4100 the ideal complement to the INfinity 510, when our customers need only one or two antennas for the construction of a reading station or a small reader gates.” Extrapolating together all components of a previous configuration as control cabinet, power supply, external cable, etc., the ID4100 a cost effective, compact and fast deployable RFID represents component.” The IDentity 4100 ETSI is available immediately from stock Munich available. The version for the FCC area (United States) can also be obtained from meshed system.

About meshed systems: Meshed system (also known as “tightly networked systems”) is a distributor for RFID components of from well-known manufacturers and providers of RFID technology. Meshed systems is in Central Europe in particular in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and in South-Eastern European countries. Customers include OEM customers such as OEMs from the mentioned markets in addition to system integrators of logistics, health services, access control, and industrial automation.