Architecture And Sustainability

Future-proof architecture within the framework of the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2012 the German energy saving Ordinance, the CO2 Gebaudesanierungspro grams and the renewable energies heat Act are important cornerstones of the new energy and climate change programme of the bun Coordinator and thus all measures relating to the construction industry alone. This new environmental awareness will change greatly the construction sector. Aspects of sustainability increasingly in the front back economic and eco logical, social, such as cultural and bring increased demands on architecture and PLA-nung to. For even more analysis, hear from Viacom. And not only that: the design page, function and technology is to use it with professional know-how. Economy and ecology are in close connection.

The 5. CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE, international trade fair and Congress for renewable energy & energy-effi cient building, will take place from the 29th until March 31, 2012 in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre and considered the wide range of innovative GE baudekonzepte and of sustainable living. Sustainability in the building and renovation means not only saving energy. “Dipl.-ing. Technology investor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Peter Reinhardt, CEO of the Institute training building (IFBau) of the Chamber of architects Baden-Wurttemberg provides in this context to the discussion: it is not now appear on ecological intelligence instead of energy efficiency?” This leads to the question, how we can create new building concepts that internalize these ecological intelligence and make the concept of sustainability in focus. The so-called “energy plus building,” forward-looking approaches which aim to make building the pure consumer an energy suppliers are an example of such a holistic intelligence building. Also at the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE moves the “energy plus philosophy” in exhibition and Congress in the focus. The “2nd Symposium energy plus building” explained in the fair in cooperation with the HTWG Konstanz as Suddeutsche leading event on this topic alternative definitions and concepts for the planning of energy plus buildings and their integration in the urban context.

Construction Waste

At present, a mass of construction wastes in China are directly in open dumps or landfill without any treatment, which not only take up a lot of valuable farmland, but also cost a lot of land acquisition fees, trash fees and building funds. What s more, it causes great harm to the soil, vegetation and water. In addition, because there is a lot of construction waste mixing into the household waste in most of household garbage disposal plants, which seriously affect the service life of the household garbage disposal plants. Due to the high standard of the building of household garbage disposal plant, its running cost is also high. Therefore, the shortage of service life of the household garbage disposal plant is a huge loss for our country. At the same time, the long time stacking also has a serious effect on the environment and the air quality of our daily life.From the theory, the recycling rate of construction waste is very high, and the construction waste is a kind of renewable resources. Through sorting and crushing, the most of the construction wastes can be reused.

For example, after crushing, the brick, stone, concrete and other waste It can replace the natural sand, being used for bonding mortar, plastering mortar, and hitting concrete cushion. After being collecting, the scrap metal can be smelt for making new metal pipes. And the waste bamboo wood can be used for the manufacture of artificial wood. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization of construction waste is an effective way to save the resources and protect the ecological environment. So in recent years, especially in construction, building materials production, environmental protection, and the relevant industries, the recycling of construction waste into to begin using, and have produced a certain amount of economic and social benefits. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous mobile crusher manufacturers and suppliers in China. With good quality and excellent performance, Hongxing mobile crusher has made great contribution to the recycling and reusing of construction waste.