Bavarian Sport Award

Seehofer records Agency in the category of ‘Innovation in sport’ from Munich, Germany, July 10, 2011 and the winner is KG media factory. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Horst Seehofer has BFV.”” Bavarian TV Football magazine “develops and produces innovation in sport by the KG media factory with the Bavarian Sport Award 2013 in the category” honored. The BFV.TV project team received the award for the idea, conception and implementation of Germany’s first online sports show”for amateur football. BFV.TV really deserves the prize. The amateur football great shows in the form of an Internet broadcast. This is a new era,”said Seehofer. Laudator Martin Bader, Board sports and public relations of the 1st FC Nuremberg: BFV.TV is a great idea, which offers an attractive platform also the Bavarian clubs below of professional football”.

BFV President Dr. Rainer Koch spoke of a price for the entire Bavarian amateur football”. Klaus Gronewald, owner of KG media factory. on the question from moderator Markus Othmer, like it with North Baden.TV goes further: we are very proud of the prize. That’s incentive enough to develop this great show. So we plan to report North and South from the upcoming season of the Siro of the Bavaria League.”BFV.”The Bavarian TV Football magazine” is the amateur top clubs in Bavaria since July, 2011 its own platform on the Internet.

Every Sunday (from 20: 00) soccer magazine on shows free of charge all the games, all goals”as well as interviews and stories from the Regionalliga Bavaria. “Christian Seifert, Managing Director of the German Football League (DFL), praised in the sport Bild” already at the start: instead of to complain only about lack of TV exposure, the Bavarian Football Association is an innovative way with his Internet broadcast. ” In the season of 2012/2013, the BFV media factory produced 53 shipments with a total of 31 hours of amateur football with his partner KG. The football magazine 11Freunde “chose BFV.TV” in September 2012 to the show of the month”. All shipments are at all times available via the free BFV app on your Smartphone. The Bavarian Sport Award by 2013 took place on 6 July in Munich. Photos Bavarian sport award you may 2013 for free editorial use at the following link from the folder “download: sh/c79ztlxg54w1u3t/MEonsoHJqo. “Please press for use of the images 01 and 04 source Schneider -” and the pictures 02, 03 and 05 as source BFV “on. KG media factory the KG media factory is a creative and media agency based in Munich and Berlin, which owned by Klaus Gronewald has founded the company in 2006. Performance focuses on branded TV (including Audi star talk, Germany’s only sports personality – talk show), corporate moving with a focus on experience-oriented communication and live-communication. The KG works media factory for numerous companies in the DAX with a team of 40 fixed and free people. A special focus is on the areas of Sports, automotive, energy, innovative technology, food and trade. Media contact dot.communications Philip Lobbecke Tel: 089 / 530 797-105 E-Mail: