World Users

It is a huge field of possibilities and dangers for those who know how to describe the form of interacting emotionally with millions of users, hence, the computer science and artificial intelligence to acquire a new role with respect to what users of the computer networks are looking for, these new users of information that now interpret and request response about the contents of the same are addicted to the emotions than the mental information processing and compression of the World generates in their brains. Very interesting also, when he says, that human interaction with the environment It is basically emotional, characteristics distinguishable from the human cognition with respect to other living beings seems to be always defined at the emotional level, to the degree such that who have understood this fact have leveraged it to link emotions to objects and identities that are not normally emotional objects of human beings. How can a human being love in a car? How can we appreciate more to one person than to another only by his way of dressing? How can love or hate a race individuals as if they were a single person? The key to answering these questions is the conversion of the actual entity in an object expression or emotional perception. The emotional plane is the plane which we understand or recognize as understood, remembered, and concluded in our minds, if you feel an emotion to the fact there need for additional discussion have captured you. The individual tends to remind people more easily with those who, in one way or another, have narrowed a link emotional, even when it is negative, even momentary. Human relationships and preferences on individuals and groups generated in moments of emotional charge are more lasting and radical, as in a football match or a war. The great wars of today are increasingly harder to understand through the classic socioeconomic models that we use to explain the historical millennia past wars for decades. .