Wenclips are in use even more

One of the advantages it offers us the Internet is able to find people with common interests and discuss with them on topics that most interest us. This advantage is clearly reflected in MyTalk.at, a new social platform that allows us to introduce topics to share and discuss with our own friendships, for which we create our network of friends.

The operation is simple, but being sincere, it could be something else. Firstly, the main thing is that we have followers with whom to share our favorite topics, and also follow other users so they can share with us their items to share. More or less like many microblogging networks, which have followers of users and those who follow, and whose lists we can handle.

The next step, which may be optional, is to add a bookmarklet called MyTalklet our web browser, and if we add a widget to our website. The widget is customizable and can hold our stories, our themes, themes of our friends or items of our supporters.

We have webclips, where we simply indicate that rss feeds for sites that want to add, finally indicating the languages for which will be available. We can also browse the webclips other users. In any case, webclips are also topics of discussion. And as I said earlier with webclips, MyTalk.at supports content in different languages, so that we can indicate the language and under which we can publish our issues and access to other subjects published under the same language. For now, the safe option is to find content under the English language selected.

Now everything is ready, and only remaining tickets and navigate through items on our interest, with options filtered list, adding to favorites, rate and review those entries that concern us, and besides, watching the entrances of certain items, which we can add to our list, so that in future we can sometimes have access only to those new entries according to our topics of interest.

Moreover, within each theme, and also from our panel, we will create new entries, indicating which items are low, and where we can strengthen them by attaching links, photos and / or videos. The bad news is that by now there are practically no content published under the Spanish language, which is a good opportunity to build.