Visual Studio

ASSEMBLER. What is it? Probably each of us thinks that the assembler is something complicated, very difficult to learn and generally inaccessible. Impossible. Of course, to some extent, of course. In this introduction I will try this, summary level, to present. Though the article takes into account the factor that it will be read by novices, and tried to make it as clear to understand, for those who do not even know any programming language. If you read all the manual from beginning to end, you will be much easier to learn other languages, both high and low level programming.

I try to tell you what an assembler and what it eat. Q: What is remarkable is the leadership? Answer: The fact that this paper presents an assembler for Win32. Of course, there are many books on assembly language, but most of them were written for DOS, and DOS is a 16-bit DOS. Programming DOS, on hard (I would say the initial stage is difficult, maybe, to me this lesson seems simple enough, I would even say amusing, with respect to the coding in Visual Studio, but this is purely my opinion). But to start the program under Win32, not need to know coding for DOS. As a beginner, I highly recommend to forget about 16-bit DOS and do not remember it, but when you consider that in this article, there is mention of the Doce, you have to do it, but solely for the to understand the priorities of Win32.