Visual Basic Editor

If In simple terms, a project called the file of any Office application and all related elements of vba, including macros and custom forms. Visual Basic Editor, you can open by pressing the keys 'Alt + F11'. With this combination You can also switch between the editor and the application of which it was called. One hundred to do something in the editor, Visual Basic, first, as a rule, you need to open a module – an element of vba, which contains one or more macros. To open a module, follow these steps: 1. In the Project window, expand the folder Modules (modules).

To do this, click the plus sign (+), which is located to the left of the folder. 2. Double-click on the name of the module you want to open. Object list (list objects). In this list to the left, displays the names of objects available for that element of the project, with whom you work. Modules can not contain objects, so this list includes only the item (General), ie "General".

Procedure list (list procedures). This list is located on the right and contains the names of those procedures and functions that are included in the module. When you select an item from the list in the module editor window displays the selected item. If you have not previously created a macro command Insert => Module (Insert> Module). Visual Basic Editor to set this module the default name such as Module1 or Module2, but it can be renamed at any time.