Unborn Child

The Catholic world celebrates the Feast of the Annunciation, in which Jesus was conceived in the womb of Mary, in Peru the first days of January 2002, the Congress declared March 25th as the DAY OF THE CHILD BY 27 654 BORN by Law “to reinforce the respect due any person from the moment of conception”, which represented the success of a vast movement promoted by the Catholic Church through CEPROFARENA, the primary idea was born Saul Menem in 1998 and was internationalized through the support of John Paul II Santo Subito!. The Law recognizes the life from the moment of syngamy, ie from the fusion of sperm and egg, since the appearance of that cell called a zygote Toti-potential, however, that the State through many institutions ignores and violates the essence of this law, because then we wonder permit the trade of the Pill the next day, by Ministerial Resolution 399-2001? Because then permit the marketing of Ormeloxifen (anti-implantation Drugs) by Digemid Directorial Resolution 6819-May 2008? Because then it allows the marketing of the Mini-pill (progestogen-only drugs effective anti-nesting)? Because then allowed the insertion of the Copper T, devices which the Chilean and American Jaime Zipper in 1966 Tatum Howard exploded for its spermicidal effects (copper) and anti-implantatarias consequences? Because it allows the Digemid issue resolutions that contravene an Act, when legally must be consistent and not contradict the spirit of the law? Because the Ministry of Health in the National Strategy includes Peru Life 2012 Mother’s priority areas and be freshly conceived, when the Ministry issued resolutions favoring the death of a conceived as the RM 399-2001? Because it allows all these hypocrisies when science has already shown that the zygote is a human being begins with a small cell and ends nine months later with a Trillion cells in 210 tissue distributed by two principles already recognized Uniqueness and Continuity. Viacom describes an additional similar source. Because it allows these drugs and devices that vary precisely the endometrium to prevent implantation of the blastocyst, causing the death of the Human Being 5 days of life with 50 to 150 cells called potential Pluri Stem Cell today. Those who defend the life we must be vigilant as the Empire of Death poisoned arrows shot into the air, trembling, someday our body will fall. (A valuable related resource: Paul Daversa). Happy unborn child! .