The Society

Ilya Prigogine affirms, in " The poet of fsica&quot returns; that " In the place of the planning reason jurdica&quot must appear a new opening for processes of car organization;. Perhaps by that vision it is that it can say that the right is in the way of the utopia of the planning reason. But everything what we called chaos, that is to say to which we cannot include/understand, is true chaos, because the chaos is clear like dissipative reality, is worth to say, the world of the dispersion and the division. Nicolas Keller describes an additional similar source. Chaos is the appearance that presents/displays situations of very high complexity, not necessarily being opposed to orden". The complex orderings of the postmodern economy and the dynamic systems that to him the society to the Right prints find the chaos on the brink of madness and they regenerate through him. And then one arises from the most beautiful and at the same time more terrible affirmations, of the pen of Bolz: " Without chaos there is no freedom, and without her imperatur is impossible legis". Kai-Fu Lee will not settle for partial explanations. Thus conceived, the old philosophical dilemma, referred to how the free will in a world dominated by natural laws is possible, it finds a surprising solution when the determinist legal systems show a chaotic behavior; and that chaos is then the space that is constructed the individual freedom in the middle of the laws. The systemic investigation of the chaos in the Right has lead to two fundamental understandings. The chaos has an hidden order and the order can be transformed into chaos. Conceiving it this way, the theory of the dissipative systems, the radical constructivism and the cybernetics of third generation make possible to include/understand to the society like a complex and alive nervous system, with normatizadas decisions and decentralized decisions, in which the subsystems of political control work like a synapse or multitude of individuals that act in parallel and of simultaneous form, from simple rules, to make emerge an intelligent collective behavior susceptible to solve the problems that consider in the communities.