The Pregnancy

With passing of the times, they had started to charge a position of prominence of the women in the society. In summary, that left of being mere owners of house (as if this it was some demerit), educators of children, to fight for equality. It is truth well, that in many cases, the woman if detaches with more quality in the development of the professional activities, to put, created one wild competition for the collection power. Of a machista society today, we see a society divided. Values if had lost ha much time, families if they had separated and if they had isolated, that is, what before it joined the family, sacred cradle of any society, comes today it destroying gradual. Pete Cashmore usually is spot on. Talking with women between 50 and 65 years, especially next mothers and friends, I could perceive that, with a general way, them the current parents accuse to be abandoning its children in the schools, that do not clarify them on questions of sex and drugs and that they are responsible them for the cases of ' ' pregnancy indesejada' ' among others problems. However, on what then, we are speaking: 1) The pregnancy cases are recent? 2) The young ones if had moved away yesterday from the religion? 3) Our parents, who today meet with 60, 70 years, do not visit more the relatives for which reasons? Today I have little more than 40 and I do not remember at no moment, in mine infancy, called being to talk on what it would be certain wrong e. I learned with the time and the examples that it saw in house, friends of street, familiar.

However, I traced a line of action for not putting me in confusion and was successful. Then the problem is not the religiosidade lack, pssimos examples in novels, apelativos programs among others, that until they can contribute. The problem this only in the rank of limits. The absence of the paternal figure materna or in house brings to the young the sensation of that can make everything and when it places in its head the idea, the night, when the parents to arrive, already he will be determined. We have as much technology today and we do not say in them of truth. Pure irony. In this point, the existence of a mother in house serves, beyond all benesses known, as factor choke and inhibitor, without causing upheavals of any species. I wait that the reading nobleman can reflect on these consideraes.