The Historical Context For Imparcialista Literature

The Imparcialismo: The historical Context for Imparcialista’ literature; ‘ Democratization of the information (access to the knowledge) ‘ ‘ Independence and social ascension through conhecimento.’ ‘ Possibilismo, the possible ways to reach sucesso.’ ‘ Capitalism, the possibilities of exploration and creation of mercados.’ ‘ Virtual Cosmopolitismo access to other cultures virtualmente.’ ‘ Manipulation of the knowledge and the culture (to say what a certain group of people desires to hear) ‘ ‘ Equality of sexos.’ ‘ Sexual Descompromisso, treason virtual’ ‘ The metrosexual man, the man is unaware of its paper inside of sociedade’ ‘ The lack of conquests and stimulatons in the current man (easy sex) ‘ ‘ The personal progress of the woman and its disillusions ‘ ‘ Sensationalism nonsense, exploration of the news of the poverty etc. (virtual virtual enclosure for bullfighting, palco, industry of the information) ‘ ‘ Comment without historical distanciamento (imparcialismo) ‘ ‘ New vocabulary for new contexto’ ‘ multiculturalismo’ ‘ War ciberntica.’ ‘ Conscience ambiental’ ‘ The disinformation of informao.’ ‘ Reflected Catastrofismo of the disaster ambientais.’ ‘ The technology and the exclusion of the man. (depreciation of the man) ‘ ‘ I interchange it cultural (the culture prevails strongest, without it happens territorial invasions) ‘ ‘ Cultural globalization (access to all the cultures and all form of knowledge) ‘ ‘ Distanciamento of the cultural one enters the generations (disrespect the life experience) ‘ ‘ Culture with base mere in the ownership and consumo.’ ‘ Depreciation of the human being and its virtudes.’ ‘ Equalization in hierarchic value between the child and the adult (culture of the consumption, the ownership and the technology) ‘ ‘ Objetivao of the man (where the man is only half to reach goals) ‘ ‘ Abstract Subjetivismo (the knowledge is not lived deeply nor applied is only in the field of the ideas) ‘ ‘ The society of the pleasure (capitalism, society that searchs the satisfaction and has I repudiate to sacrifcios.’ ‘ Not ficcional (the great advance of the technology took off of us the fiction idea) Writing for: J..