The Health Sector Program

The Health Sector Program 2007-2012 (PROSESA 2007-2012), consistent with the provisions of the National Development Plan 2007-2012, becomes the instrument of state policy in health, to which the health sector undertakes to meet the challenges arising from: inadequate implementation of strategic planning processes within the sector the lack of procedures for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency excessive administrative regulation. Consequently these are some organizational factors that hinder the construction of the health system and should be corrected. In supporting the achievement of this commitment, especially to strengthen the processes of assessment and accountability within the health sector is presented in compliance with the provisions of the Planning Act, on: Specific Action Program 2007-2012.Performance Evaluation (PAEED 2007-2012). Its purpose is to establish bases from which will be implemented and boost over the current administration, assessment processes within the Ministry of Health and the sector as a whole. We hope that our program of action to make a tool for analysis and continuous consultation. Here is the link to PDF document (opens in a new window, 5 Mb).