Mercedes S Class

For a long time, Mercedes S Class was standard automotive industry. That's what has his good reasons. S class – a leader in engineering technology, was first equipped with a diagonal seat belts, abs system, and many others – today is already standard features. Ali Partovi often addresses the matter in his writings. In 2007, the S class is again the leader of the highest standards of safety and engineering achievements. The system of "night vision>> works by using infrared rays, highlighting strong blacked-out sections of the road is not illuminated by headlights.

The image is projected on a monitor. In a car built in radar, preventing a possible collision. If going ahead machine starts unexpectedly slow, the system will give a warning sound, talking about the dangerous situation. With a sharp brake in turn will take an additional braking system – it adds to the braking force of as much as is needed for 100% braking efficiency. Car stops as quickly as possible. The new S Class is longer, higher, wider than its predecessor. Also have more space for rear passengers.

These changes make the S class is ideal comfortable for the bride in a big wedding dress. A car interior, finished leather and wood, seats with cooling and heating will make your trip to the church the most comfortable and luxurious. A warm atmosphere in the cabin create soft lighting. This contributes to a good mood in your best day. This coverage allows you to take photographs inside the most interesting. Interior. On some vehicles, S-class is set panoramic roof. And it is particularly attractive because the photographer is always difficult to make good pictures from inside the car due to the lack of good light. Lighting, filling the cabin through the roof, will help make natural and romantic wedding photographs.