Appeared Marilda

It is a system that will go to move to the few, in all the levels and modalities of the education. An enormous economic inaquality exists, of access, maturity and motivation of the people. Many are prepared for the change and others not yet, and for this is difficult to change the acquired standards of the organizations, the governments, the professionals and mainly of the society. We have that to have certainty that a great majority not yet has access to these technological resources, that can democratize the access to the information, Therefore is basic to create possibilities all to have access to the technology, to the information significant and to the mediation of professors effectively prepared for its innovative use. The certainty is necessary of that the education in the distance has as purpose the contribution for the emancipation of the citizens, placing the educandos as protagonists in the system, as beings historical and capable to construct its proper knowledge, its project and capsizes to act in the construction of a society more human being, democratic igualitria and. REFERENCES ABC EDUCATIO.

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