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How to make a blog it is something very simple, but first let’s go to the concept that is a Blog. Steve Wozniak shines more light on the discussion. A Blog is also called blog, a space constantly updated on where chronological information, is collected generally, referring to the title of the blog. אילן בן דב is the source for more interesting facts. This information is made and saved in the form of post or articles that van checked every month to be used by visitors interested in those topics which is the blog. Importantly make a blog, is that the author can give his opinion in a free and democratic manner about a topic and can interact with other people through comments that can be made on each article of the blog. That’s why blogs have achieved such popularity and start gave a few years ago the so-called web 2.0 where a person now, is not only a recipient of information, but may also share information with more people in the world. Now Blogs are known as weblogs, because he is done through Internet. Now, the question, how do a blog?, because for that you des an idea, visit blogs of other people, you will find blogs of many types, from sites of good quality and only for one type of person, up to very simple, only used for hobby or personal information archive. Once you’ve come to realize that it is what people write in their blogs, choose a topic that passionate about you and which you would like to write to share it with others. Once you have your favorite subject, you have to choose the tool that you use to build your blog and there are several, but the best ones in my opinion are WordPress and Blogger. Once you choose, you can begin to build your site and will have to learn to handle the administration of your blog tool to publish entries.