Paid copywriters for "simple" rewriting, depending on complexity – $ 2-3 per 1000 characters. An example is in my article Rewriting and how to do it. For more specific information, check out Darcy Stacom. "Complex" problems similar to rewriting, but the input has not one but several sources. Sometimes the number of 30-40. And from this set of facts, opinions, numbers, one copywriter must do unique story. It should be "complex" rewriting an average of $ 3-5 per 1000 characters or more. Unique articles unique article implies that the text of the facts, opinions, information, have never been published before. Articles are written either in their own experience or based on a thorough analysis of issues and interviews with specialists, or based only on interviews with specialists.

Also, you can create articles based on press releases and information provided press-services companies. An example of unique articles can serve as an overview of the market, prepared on the basis of a survey of leading players, test drive the car, personally conducted a copywriter, an overview of the program or computer game review sites of interest. And much more. Thus, creating a unique article requires a thorough knowledge of the copywriter's theme, the presence of a unique source of information (eg, experts), serious analytical ability (to draw conclusions), work experience as a journalist. Cost of unique items starts at $ 5 per 1000 characters with spaces. But as a rule, the stakes are higher and up to $ 15 or more per 1000 characters with spaces. Example: How to article to make a mailing list (used by personal experience).

Customer Service And Success

This may seem obvious to some of you, but good work and the results are only a small part of the path to success. The high level of customer service is important. Always try to satisfy your customers, even if it takes a bit to do more work than agreed. Small sacrifices now will help you get the benefit in the long run. Each such website has its own method of payment. Some sites have pages of deposit payment, when the client presents the full cost of the project, and after successful completion of these sites are subtracted from the percentage of project costs. Another way to get an independent web project or task to develop software product – is to create your own website to advertise yourself and do what you want.

Write articles. For example, if you are a Flash-razrabotchtkom and did a magnificent effect, place it on your site write a book about how you made it. Do not forget to index your site for search engines so people can find this tutorial. Ideally, they will post links to your site in forums or on its own site, and this will increase your rankings in Google, Yandex, and other search engines. Thus, you will receive recognition for the work you have done. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. I wrote articles and lecturing for free source code for people who are trying to learn to do similar applications and sites. For example, I wrote an article about compiling Apache PHP on Linux and it became very popular. I also provided a free source code for chat application in Java in 2003, using the JSP, while examining the technology.

So be prepared to share. This is a good effect on your reputation. Be sure to place it on your site your portfolio, and contact information. Do not place in a portfolio of work that you performed in the company, which employed full time. The company did not appreciate it. It is reasonable to add to portfolio work only with the permission of the customer of this work. You have to constantly upgrade their skills. For example, if you already know how to create static sites, try to learn flash-technology. The more technology you know, the more work you will be able to perform. When you see a demand for your development, you'll need to properly allocate time to time to complete all projects. You still need to take into account the time difference between countries. Because you may have to work late at night to adjust to the time zone of the client. Following all the advice that I have described above, and always working, you can become successful and independent web designer or programmer. Good luck!