Nuclear Research Laboratory

Tim Berners-Read, while it worked like independent consultant in a nuclear research laboratory in 1980, developed an innovating form to store information in a called program Enquire. That work was used more ahead as the base for the development of a system of global hypertext – popularly known like Internet or the World Wide Web. The WWW was developed to increase the facility whereupon the people can interchange information. This became a reality with the introduction of the first WYSWIG (What You see Is What You obtain) of the navigating Web of hypertext that was written by Tim Berners-Read. The advantage of the WWW with respect to the previous systems was that a centralized servant did not need. Briefly, that meant that it was easy to recover, which supposed a great advance in computer science science. The Web and the first Web server were set free to the communities of hypertext in the middle of 1991, after being released in the CERN at the end of 1990.

With the purpose of to reach a coherent level of the WWW, the specifications were published for directions URL, HTML and HTTP. Universality I force these specifications, not to depend on a central servant and the decision of Berners-Read of not removing benefit from the WWW I take at a high level of adoption of the technology between 1991-94. In the first servant of Internet during this period, an increase of ten times in the annual traffic was registered. With the coming of the Web, a series has arisen from derived technologies. An ample range of side of the servant, client and data base of languages has been created to satisfy the needs with companies and individuals. There are two types of used programming languages in the Web: the language of the client and the one of the servant. The language of the client is executed in the navigator of the users, does not depend on the Web server, and it is realised almost exclusively with Javascript.

Obtaining Goals

To obtain the goals that we put ourselves in our life seems not to be a easy task. Of some way, by that constant attitude of autosaboteadores that we can have, we left most important the things always posponed. Today I go to mostrarte how to obtain, easily, what you wish, and to leave posponed the attitude to pospone This exercise it is divided in three parts. In the same way that if you want to cook pizza, you must mix the leavening with water and flour and to let weigh the mixture, if this exercise not it beams of the way that I indicate to you, leaving a time for to mature the ideas in your mind, you do not obtain the results that you look for. It trusts me! We begin with the objectives, the goals that you have: Tomato 3 minutes (neither one the more, nor one the less) to write down in a sheet of paper what things are those that you would like to obtain in next the 7 days. It writes down (yes, anotalo) everything what it happens to you. It is not hour to determine if it is or nonpossible. It can be any thing: an ascent, a new relation, one better attitude, another work, an increase, more money (how much), to improve my self-esteem, to begin the course of English, etc etc.? Finished the 3 min.

you do not continue writing. Lee now this list and chooses at least 3 items to which you will give priority him. Then, he leaves this list to a flank, for to weigh. Tomorrow I will explain to you what to do with her. Important: he is essential to be able to achieve your objectives that you always stay motivada/o. With my course of PNL you learn 3 forms to less than obtain and to maintain the internal motivation (the motor to take to any objective that you set out) in 1 minute, literally. See you tomorrow for the second part of the exercise! As always, it enchants to me that they share with me its commentaries here down. If you want you can leave to your commentary or your list of objectives. It will be recorded so that you can see always it!