National Committee

The hiking beekeeping in lower Austria to the utilisation of the Meadow, Klee, Heath field, lime, Acacia and other flowers useful for honey production, healthy bee colonies during the hiking beekeeping in the presence of large closed surfaces with this vegetation there could be placed. The mayor had to approve the statement after consulting a knowledgeable community member after the receipt of the application. If you would like to know more then you should visit Viacom. The distance between the individual stands had to 150 meters and 100 meters to the public road. The hiking beekeepers had to get the permission of the land owner and to ensure an adequate water supply in the sense of a bee potions. The beehives were to be provided with the name and address of the yielding.

The neighbouring property owners had to give their consent to the installation placing of apiaries on leased land in addition to the property owners, if the hives were less than 25 metres from their land. If there is a statement from hives without knowledge and will of a Property owner came, then this could seize the beehives and lead away at the expense of the bee-keeper and one by the Mayor assigned under supervision place on place. In addition, he could request the prohibition and the damages by the beekeeper. In any other agreement, the beekeeper had to pay the landowner a pasture money from 20 Heller per hive and grazing period. The prohibition of free animal catch on the bees in accordance with was the prohibition of free animal catch 384 ABGB for apiaries. The Beehive owners could track this on foreign ground, however he had to the property owner the thereby caused damage replaced. If the owner of the Beehive but not pursued the swarm, which has leaked from the parent stock, within two days, so could on public reason anyone on private grounds of landowners capture this swarm and keep.

Compensation for damage caused by the bee-keeping to the protection of the own bees against predatory bees of other Beekeeper is obliged to eliminate the cause of Nascherei and piracy, as far as it is within his own sticks and stalls, the owner of bee colonies deprived. Transitioning from hiking hive has to be carried out in closed beehives. If during the transport or the swarms of bees damages due to fault of the bee-keeper, then was sure to come up. To collect relevant damage, the lieutenancy of land together with the National Committee has annually for the province of lower Austria to order five bee expert. Implementation of the land law and administrative penalties were violations of the law of this country to punish according to the regulations for the protection of the field material. The ministries of agriculture and Internal Affairs had about enforcing the law of this country.