As soon as the 28 of January of this year MHz began the auction of the FCC of the phantom of 700. Several American multinational companies have already shown interest in buying this wireless transmission frequency. The purpose? one of them is wireless connection of ample reach for Internet. Already the FCC habia shown interest to foment the competition in broadband replacing an alternative to traditional cable/DSL. 1. That they have of special 700MHz? At the moment the television channels use this frequency to transmit analogous signal; channels specifically UHF from 52 to the 69.

With the imminent incursion of the companies of television to transmit signal of digital TV (DVT Act) the phantom of analogous band would be left; That the government will do? , to sell it to the best postor. The auction #73 of the FCC consists of the 5 blocks of the frequency spectrum 698 MHz to 806MHz, classified from A-E. The most quoted it is the block C that will begin with a reserve of $4. 6 trillions. A tower that emits this frequency of 700 MHz has a radius of cover of 20 miles and the wave has good penetration in walls and buildings.

Several of these towers in chain have the potential to provide one more ampler cover and with greater data rate than the present Wi-fi networks. The government will use part of the phantom to construct a national public safety net (used by ambulances, firemen etc.) 2. And the candidates are. Of the 266 companies that showed interest in the auction they find giants like Verizon, AT& T, Cablevision, Qualcomm, PCS wireless and by all means the boy tuna Valley Silicone: Google. The motor search I cause commotion in the average ones because it proposed the FCC to him that was allowed to use free applications with apparatuses and services of free access within the wireless band.