Latin America

These were designed to address vehicles manufactured in America or Latin America, since they tended to be much larger and heavier, especially in the Industrial sector. -Satisfied customers. No breakdowns or incidents. To not be equipped for distribution systems based on screw without end, sprockets and chains, they had no physical wear and tear elements, therefore the probability that an element of the hydraulic circuit fails pro wear was very low, unless it was for causes of human factor as unexpected cuts in the little magicians of pressure. Normally, the operation of a hydraulic elevator is composed of your engine (electric part, pump and deposit) along its circuit of hydraulic fluid (sleeves) and hydraulic they dragged the moving parts using a string not subjected to stress or wear, because this does not fraccionaba with absolutely no sprocket, tensioner to ascend or descend, thanks to a completely round roller without edges on the hydraulic in question simply as. -For all type d vehicles: thanks to absence of their distribution elements unlike electrical elevators or screw, are mounted on the base of the soil (always requires that the basis must comply with a compound based on a minimum of 150 mm (15 cm) thick concrete, so that they remain well anchored to the ground thanks to their anchors by impact or fixed bolts inserted in the base. All this makes having minimum height measures less than 6 cm, which leaves catch all kinds of vehicles, tourism, sports, 4.4, industrial light, trucks and even totally heavy truck tractors. -Assurances by physical locks: all hydraulic lifters are made up of a series of locks, which are operated in a physical way, either manual or automatic, which makes it in position with the lock is activated, it impossible that the loaded vehicle, drop a single tenth in 1 day either as in 30 years because the last position where the vehicle is currently blocked by a system of locks which activated with the same weight of the vehicles. Kai-Fu Lee contains valuable tech resources.