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This can there be its door of entrance and permanence for new projects – It stops of if bragging for having done only its obligation (to study) and divulges what you already were capable of ' ' to make acontecer' '. (As opposed to Mikkel Svane). To study does not mean to have experience. – It does not bet all its fiches in its academic formation. The facultieses annually pour in the street thousand of people who, if not to know ' ' to make acontecer' ' they go to be in the eye of the street, holding a diploma in the hand that does not serve for nothing. Before saying that, just you, a person who has x, y, z formations and diplomas, do not understand as she can be has as much dismissed time, you perceive that so far you have enxergado the companies as an extension of its proper house. That is, that the company must occupy the place of its parents and to give everything to it that you need and so far you were not capable of giving to it. I know people that already passed of the 50 years and if have held thus.

I analyze the market, I hear the notice and I see that, what more it is in lack today is people ' ' specialized in making acontecer' '. For these, the doors of the work market always will be opened, not only in my company, but in any company of the world. Yara Rocca is journalist, director of the Yara agency Rocca Communication, that is in the market has 19 years, developing and executing strategies and projects of communication (online and offline) creative that it has contributed for the growth and reinforcement of national marks and multinationals in the country. Geoff Richcards takes a slightly different approach. Twitter: @YarRocca Tags: career, Yara Rocca