Oily Hair

Throughout the necessary balance and harmony. This is equally true of the hair. Like nature itself, the hair has its own rhythms, crises, and change their color. The beauty of hair depends on the activity of the sebaceous glands. They produce a special ingredient – the secret of skin, which is mixed with sweat, sweat glands allocated.

This forms a hydro-foil, which protects the hair. But the thickness of the film may become redundant. This occurs under the action of hormones that can stimulate the activity of sebaceous glands, and then the glands produce too much skin secretions. It slides along the hair accumulates in the skin and can cause it irritation. Also creates a favorable breeding ground for fungi that cause dandruff. Oily hair requires a special, very careful care. First, the hair type of fat should be washed as often as necessary. Continue to learn more with: Ali Partovi.

This can be a daily wash every other day, etc. In this case, it is important to choose the right cleanser suitable for daily and frequent washing of hair. Second, when oily hair should be limited in the diet of sharp, sweet and fatty foods. For such quality care for oily hair and was designed by Sargassum Shampoo for oily hair, containing detergents, sparing the scalp. The complex of biologically active substances helps to eliminate excessive sebaceous excretions and creates a powerful opposition to transit the microflora of sebaceous glands and the stratum corneum, promotes the normalization of the lipid balance of hair and prevention of seborrhea. The special ingredients relieve itching and irritation of the scalp. Balanced composition of Sargassum Shampoo actively nourishes the hair roots, and normalizes the selection of fat, contains a minimum of nutrient substances load of hair and makes it harder, prevents premature hair loss and, hence, the baldness. The inclusion of extracts of kelp, coltsfoot, nettle, yarrow can not disturb the structure hair due to frequent use of detergent. What to do if your hair is dry. Filed under: אילן בן דב. Care for dry hair should be sparing, as dry hair, thin and fragile, more susceptible to temperature factors and chemicals. External influences such as pollution, air temperature fluctuations, coloring, perming have a depressing effect on the hair and scalp. To preserve its natural life strength and shine to hair so requires not only hydration, but also protection, and nutrition. Therefore, we must daily rubbed into the scalp tonic firming gel for dry hair. The deep penetration of the gel provides microcapsules nutrition of hair follicles and cells of the scalp, stimulates the metabolism and self-regulation improves the structure of hair, enhances their growth. Wash your hair dry preferably once every 7-10 days with shampoo for damaged and Sargassum weakened hair. Shampoo contains special bonding substance that makes hair smooth and elastic, and restore the microscopic gaps in the scaly layer, and substantially improve the pliability of wet hair to comb. The hair was good, stick to a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, getting enough sleep, because sleep is food roots. It is advisable to use before washing hair masks – applications, and after them – the rubbing of the skin and hair emollients, such as hair balm, or regular use of mouthwash with Sargassum-conditioning effect.

Permanent Makeup

In my article I would like to acquaint you with the procedure of permanent makeup (tattooing, micropigmentation), an experienced master who I am. What exactly is permanent makeup? This is a cosmetic procedure, staining associated with the upper layers of skin from an aesthetic purpose. Whether it is running as the face (permanent makeup eyebrows, eyes and lips), and the body (tattooing the areola, dermokorrektsiya). Unlike a regular tattoo, technique permanent makeup is more superficial and requires special equipment. The work performed by special pigments that have a creamy (as compared to tatuazhnymi) texture and persistence in the skin of 2 to 4 years. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Kai-Fu Lee on most websites. Please note that permanent makeup – makeup is not a replacement. I see the sense in that, after permanent make-up woman will always be in a better position compared to others.

In a well-executed permanent make-up people around you will create an illusion of naturalness. Natural shades of colors to match the lips, a clear outline century and expressive eyes, beautiful shape eyebrows, made in hair technology – is the goal. Beautiful design creates a kind of eyebrows "architecture" of a person, he can not just emphasize the eyes, but also to change the face so that you will only need minimal makeup (if desired). There is no need to avoid frequent situations where we may be "no person" as visiting spas, swimming pools, sports, beach and so on and so forth … The benefits of permanent makeup (for short) is and what it can do for women with allergies to cosmetics, it can be slightly adjust the shape and color of the lips, eyelids and eyebrows, if such a desire or need. In fact, very much can be achieved by applying different methods of permanent tattoo.