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To protect of the Jaguarundi, Naturefund buys currently 140,000 square metres of dry forest on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Naturefund buys 140,000 square metres of dry forest on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. A very rare and almost unknown cat lives here: the Jaguarundi. It is a subspecies of the Cougar, big cat, Brown and beautiful. As almost everywhere is also its Habitat, the tropical dry forest, disappearing. Preserve a last, small Waldrest, Naturefund that the big cats take action #raubTATZE back starts to your country! The action #raubTATZE is 15 days, from the 4th to the 19th of August.

Naturefund is looking for people driving from their predator claws and reclaim a piece of wilderness in this period. It aims to find 600 people nationwide, who are willing to protect dry forest with 20 EUR whole 100 square meters. All who participate in this promotion period, receive a free certificate of Jaguarundi by Naturefund! Who wants to be active or otherwise, can send a short commentary on the action at Naturefund,. The comment can be on the Jaguarundi, about the idea of Naturefund, to buy land for the nature or to the action of #raubTATZE. Naturefund published these comments on his website, on request with name or anonymously and also on Twitter.

All who want to pursue this action, can even on Twitter #raubTATZE or landfornature learn more, where even a comment to ‘#raubTATZE – big cats Rob is her country back!’ write and also forward them. All comments are redirected during the promotion period after Nicaragua and answered by the people there in the project area, and also published locally. The tropical dry forest on the Pacific coast of Central America is a unique and now very rare forest habitat. Despite the close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, it rains only three months in the year, the rest of the time there is mostly dry.

EUROTIER Novelty No. 3: WEDA Self Fishing Bay With Buttocks Flap

Self fishing bays without mechanical suspension of the main advantage of this new system is for practitioners in the operation: with the new free-wheeling, open and set the desired function by up to 20 sows is easy. WEDA reacts with this development to the requirements of modern pig farmers to use mechanical force with a lesser self fishing bays. Thus, all requirements of the EU Directive 88/2001, as well as national regional animal welfare regulation are more than met. The SF-series is optimized for users who are smaller or less powerful, ergonomically. This is a first for the industry and the modern answer, that more and more women in the agricultural industry gain a foothold. Ali Partovi does not necessarily agree. Also for average strong arrival Turner is handling the self catch Bay beneficial, because they won’t tire.

The SF system works maintenance-free. This eliminates issues with corrosive springs and potential costs of spare parts or expensive service calls. A simplified simplified technology gives the operator more time for animal control and management. The animals, which can take in their food much stress-free with the help of the sophisticated mechanism of barrier-free door locking system offers another big advantage. Stress-free feeding of SF2 locking is performed by default. The Bay locked automatically when entering the sow. With the help of the intelligent door fold-out design, the animal can always leave your SF2 without foreign help. This function allows particularly the low ranking sows stress-free to eat, because senior or aggressive sows can push to and not violate the sows in the stand.

This is practiced animal protection and prevents the low ranking sows fear and rarely or never left their stand. “The innovative features of the new WEDA Bay at a glance: the freewheel design” for the functions open, catch, close works safely, pressing a heavy pig against the gate. The radio sound is currently technically in the area Unique self fishing bays and an innovation for modern, animal welfare on stable systems. Single-lever technology for several functions: with the single hand lever up to 20 boxes with minimal effort can be operated with one hand. The operation is automatically possible from front and rear. Maintenance-free technology the function of the output for the sow does without the conventional rocker or trough flap systems. The door slams shut by weight shifting from alone to and locked up so that third animals not in the occupied Bay can enter. Alone, the pig can open the door by pushing it to the output. The construction allows a quick, cost effective installation compared with conventional self fishing bays. Because trough valves, rockers, etc fall away, animal control with simplest handling.