New Year

Radio-controlled model aircraft have a high rate, so test their effect, you can only outdoors. Radio-controlled model aircraft are divided into 2 categories: miniature airplanes made of plastic and wood model of the lung (with a wingspan of up to tens of centimeters a few meters). rc Helicopter requires full attention from the "little pilot", because able to perform more difficult tricks in comparison with the aircraft. Thus, radio-controlled helicopter capable of Hangs in the air! rc Helicopter, With its small size, can even surf the apartment and perform various maneuvers! Airplanes will help children learn the basics of flying techniques, giving the delight of exciting flight! SudomodeliVash child dreams of becoming a sailor and a surf on the seas? Presented him with a gift for the New Year toy series shipmodels! Today Hobbies represent shipmodels a wide assortment of your choice are yachts, boats and even ships for every taste! They are striking in their realism and beauty! Like other radio-controlled toys, shipmodels presented in various categories – from professional to the microcosm. Without hesitation Peter Asaro explained all about the problem. Toy boat – a great way to captivate a child playing, resting at the water. And adults will attract model boats, capable of moving within a radius of 200 m in water expanses! AvtomodeliMir Radio-controlled models gives you such self as highway vehicles, radio-controlled off-road vehicles with electric motors or internal combustion engines Radio-controlled off-road vehicles can move in areas of varying complexity. Their advantage – the ability to make high jumps at high speed. Radio-controlled off-road capable of jumping over a few jumps, and the car remains in the air controlled by inertia of rotating wheels.

Among the "military equipment" one of the most fascinating is the radio controlled toy tank. Each radio-controlled tank to some extent repeats the appearance and characteristics of its big brother. " Like all other models, radio controlled tank is constantly being improved by acquiring all the new features that makes the game more interesting. Your child will be able to arrange the tank battles which will be revived copy computer games! R / C model happy technological versatility, radio-controlled models are equally interesting to both children and adults. Such a gift would be glad of any person, regardless of age, social status and income level. Many adults collect radio-controlled models, improving management skills and participating in competitions! At the prow of winter holidays. If you have not yet decided what to present as a gift to the New Year, we recommend to look into the store radio controlled models and choose an appropriate toy. It will be interesting hobby for you, and for your children, and most importantly – a great incentive to spend more time playing with the kids!