Technology Information

6. Finance – a kind of mirror, which reflects the whole industrial and economic activity of the company. The primary goal of financial management – is to ensure a balance between the financial resources and financial obligations. And how effectively manages the finances for the organization depends on its financial stability, and prosperity of its owners and applicants. 7. Information component – a set of organizational and technical means for the company relevant information for logical wires to operate. Important purpose of information technology – the maximum approximation of the firm's management staff to perform their most important function – to make decisions.

Information Technology exempt applicants from routine operations to generate data for decision-making and all recommendations. 8. Marketing. It also implies an active influence on the market at the current demand in order to improve the market share of the organization and enhance profitability of sales. Practice suggests that the success of firms in the market depends not only on production and financial capabilities as the use of marketing, based on effective demand, ie the consumer.

The main objective of marketing – providing good profitability of production and organization of the production of goods. If a marketing challenge for us is weak, the lack of data on competitors can lead to loss of control on the market, reduce business activity and stability. 9. Organizational culture and company image. High organizational culture and image to help us to easily achieve the goals and objectives, and hence, to have stability. High value acquire professional ethics, reflecting the specificity of the moral consciousness, behavior and relationships of people, due to the specific professional activities. High image of the company allows her to draw highly skilled workers and encourage consumers to purchase goods, and in case of inconsistency in organizational culture or structure of values and behavioral norms of employees occurs inside conflict that may escalate into a deep crisis. No existing business relationship with business partners, incorrect behavior of staff – now all this can help ensure that the organization will lose a large share success in the market, and hence out of equilibrium. Organization with a fairly enviable level of internal stability based on a balance of applied aspects of manufacturing, intra needs may be more resistant to environmental factors. Even when external factors will be of poor character, internally stable organization is able to overcome such effects c unscathed, compared with that has low internal resistance.