Which causes some fear of reactions to projects increase in utilities that imply reduction of budgets of expenses, simplification of processes and in your case reacomodo of personnel, without taking into account that a reduction in staff could present as a last alternative.So it cannot be successful in a project that cannot be clearly described and which can be understood by all involved. Integrate and align the organization in the reduction of costs and expenses project, comprehensive vision which convey senior management will allow to eliminate discouragement that may cause persons or groups within the organization that either hinder or overstate the results obtained by them individually or their Department with partial improvements in short-term y7. Participation of the entire organization, the strategy of reduction of costs and expenses, has guaranteed its success when it is considered as a work of the entire organization, in which the contributions of each of the participants is not limited to a particular benefit as it is a very important part of the strategy of the organization. It seeks the cooperation of the entire organization not to highlight the failures of others. Improvement continues, the adoption of this strategy by the organization is to promote the culture and fashion of reduction of costs and expenses, is not important learning which took the organization in the development of the project to lay the foundations of effective processes and with a motivated and trained personnel, which will undoubtedly result in better service customer. The benefits of hiring a firm of public accountants who support the Organization to translate strategy into a successful and measurable action of reduction of costs and expenses, little question whether the firm has enough experience in this type of projects and has procedures to interpret and measure results.