Brundtland Report

The concept of sustainable development world-wide divulged is presented in the Brundtland Report. &#039 is affirmed that; ' The sustainable development is the development that satisfies the necessities of the gift without compromising the capacity of the future generations to satisfy its proper ones necessidades' ' (REPORT BRUNDTLAND, 1987, p.46). From the definition of sustainable development for the Brundtland Report of 1987, it can be perceived that such concept does not only say respect to the impact of the economic activity in the environment. Sustainable development is mainly mentioned to the consequences of the relation of quality of life in the welfare of the society, present how much in such a way future. The economic activity, environment and welfare of the society form the basic tripod in which if apia the idea of sustainable development. However the application of the concept to the reality in such a way requires a series of measures on the part of the public power as of the private initiative, as well as an international consensus. She is necessary to still emphasize the participation of social movements, consisting mainly of ONGs (not-governmental organizations), in the search for better conditions of life associates to the preservation of the environment and to a conduction of the adequate economy such requirements.

(ANDRADE, 2003, p.25). Rasp (2003) says that the proposal of education for the support developed under the sign of the market promises very and carries through little. For this author: (…) it is desirable to stimulate the quarrel and the critical understanding of the socioambiental crisis, problematizando the diversity of presented conceptions of support in its arguments, values, objectives, position ethics-politics and in its social implications. This exercise of differentiation and clarification assists the educator to choose, conscientiously, the ways that want to follow in its educative practical project and (RASP, 2003, p.14). The problematic necessity and amplitude ambient of a critical reflection on the relations man/half induce to rethink new forms to work the education in the school.