Windows Xp

8. If you are not convinced, visit Dell. When choosing programs or software to install on your computer look that is always when they are fundamental to your work, but also at times programmes as light as possible, because when you run them requires work to the processor and hard disk, especially in players of music, browsers, etc., depending on the age, or the year of the pc must install software created at that time, because the software or operating systems of this era like Windows Vista at this time require that they render perfectly on a Dual-Core processor with 1 gig of RAM minimum, to see how much weighs your programs on your computer you should go in case of Windows at start > Control Panel > install and uninstall programs, and on the left side comes out how many Megabytes has every software. It is also important to not fill of programs and applications to the computer only leaves you really going to use. 9.-Windows Xp system operating consumes many resources for the computer by its graphic and its visual effects, to lessen a little consumption of resources should go to my computer, chiclear with right button, go to properties, and you will leave a window that say system properties that are a series of choose advanced options there is a part that says performanceVisual effects, processor scheduling chiclear the button configuration (which is the first button) appears another window that says performance options in the part top of this series of options there are 4 items must choose Customize: after chosen the item there are a series of strikethrough options or with tics, there must remove tics and only leave the option to animate the Windows minimize and maximize, smooth edges of screen fonts for with tics, use Visual in Windows and buttons styles (important to leave it)Use common tasks in folders (important let) is important to leave these options enabled since it would affect the Windows Xp graphic environment, since if you take all appears as Windows 98 and is very ugly and old for me.