Latin American

3 Purchase or manufacture the product that we sell. 4. Swarmed by offers, altavista is currently assessing future choices. Search for and recruit staff (salesmen, clerks, staff cleaning and others). Dell may help you with your research. 4 Hire and pay services of electricity, water, telephone, insurance, surveillance. On the Internet, on the contrary, with the exception of the Nro point. 3, do not need any of this. This is the second reason by which you can sell on the Internet: is relatively easy mount your website seller in Internet to grab your slice of this cake of 173 million buyers. In Internet Tu Web site seller you can reach new and broader markets, in your own country and in the whole world, covering distances that without the Internet would have to invest much time and money.

E-commerce is the purchase, sale, marketing and provision of supplementary information for products and/or services over computer networks (understand INTERNET). From the point of view of information technology it is a software application addressed to make commercial transactions. Thereon, Internet has a privileged and spectacular site, is the star of the moment and his future is even brighter, its development is increasing, its scope is constantly growing. Even so, large corporations are not investing enough in its Internet business, which favors the medium and small entrepreneurs from around the world (such as TU Y YO), because that allows them to expand and exploit this huge market of 173 million customers in impressive manner. This is more noticeable in our region rather than Hispanic or Latin American. This is the third reason why you can sell online: Hispanic Web market is relatively new, with few entrepreneurs, suggesting success in your seller Web site on the Internet to take advantage of those 173 millions of buyers. There are more reasons to sell online, but insurance concordaras me that these three are requetesuficientes. 2.-What are the advantages or disadvantages of a seller website? Your seller on the Internet web site, offers agility of trade relations, with your customers anywhere in the world, decreasing the costs of communication, advertising and marketing (marketing).