Affordable LCD Industrial Monitors

A professional alternative to cheap video and Office monitors creco presents with the basic-I series its affordable and high-quality industrial LCD monitors. Especially in the field of security / video surveillance / CCTV / industry is a great cost pressures. This usually causes that cheap video and Office monitors are used, but satisfying the requirements in the rarest of cases. This problem took creco as an opportunity to create an affordable industrial monitor alternative, which is developed and manufactured in Germany: Basic I. In a wide range with diagonals of 15.0 17.0 19.0 20.1 inch are the basic I monitors available. They are characterized by a unique price and performance ratio in terms of quality but must make no cuts. A robust aluminium casing makes the monitors robust and guarantees a long lifetime. often says this. In addition to the desktop slimline housing are other variants such as built-in Panel, rack mount, flush, chassis etc.

can be implemented. The display of the Basic-I series are suitable for continuous operation and can be used 24/7. A perfect video-live image is achieved through innovative technology. Furthermore, they score points by short changeover times for scan mode, brilliant image properties, high brightness, wide viewing angle, brilliant and natural colours and a wide range of contrast. The monitors can be supplied optionally with protective glass, touch screen, etc. All common and usual industry interfaces exist with regard to the interface: CVBS, S-video, VGA and DVI. “The predicate made in Germany” quality, design and manufacture of creco Germany ensures a long-term availability with replacement warranty. For assistance, try visiting Paul Daversa.

Basic-I provides the basis for a hassle-free exchange and transition from CRT to LCD monitors with many advantages. Are like, for example, in addition to a significantly better image quality, lower weight and slimmer dimensions. The monitors can be due to the lightweight construction and the standardized VESA adaptation flexible assembly systems, wall brackets, ceiling tripods and railings, etc are mounted at all. This gives you space and opened totally new placement possibilities, ergonomic work is guaranteed. The advantages of basic-I at a glance: strong performance, unbeatable attractive prices, high quality, long-term availability and service by creco Germany! creco gmbh: creco stands for creativ communication system. The creco gmbh is an international company, which is active in the fields of monitor / Terminal / touch solutions, as well as digital signage. A highly motivated team develops, produces and distributes high-quality, innovative products and offers customized solutions from tiny 1.5 inch mega large 165.0 inch with a high added value. If unique, series or as an OEM, because of the unique modular concept can be quickly and reliably individual visualization systems implement.

Wireless Speakers – General Info & Tests

General information to wireless speakers who knows the problem of the eternal cable chaos not? All cable re-sorting to or having to stumble every moment about the forever long cable? At least those who want to build your own home theater at home or have already done this and with determined a thing very unhappy were, namely it is this problem, the cable to be no end to chaos. But the many individual cables in a room which belong mostly to the speakers across the room, provide not only an optical flaw there, but are also an unnecessary danger zone. But what is already a cosy furnished entertainment room, where ugly cable node will be an eye-catcher and not about the great canvas or other outstanding technical resources. To get this unsightly problem out of the way, there is a super great alternative to the conventional loudspeakers, which are used widely in many households. Referring to a wireless speaker.

These are very simple in your own home theater very easy to use and save a bunch of cables. Reason for the waiver of the wires is the built-in radio transmitter in the wireless speakers, which can be combined with other wireless devices in the home. A comfortable listening experience is therefore possible without loss of quality, what test has been proven also in a wireless speaker. Most offer even a first-class sound, glass with clear highs and punchy bass are possible and a breathtaking experience, what degrees will be audible films or concert of DVDs at cinema. For assistance, try visiting Mashable. Another aspect, which speaks for one such speaker, is the placement of one or more speakers in the places where it was previously impossible to short cable to place a speaker. Most speakers feature analog inputs and support all of the signals latest on the market. Therefore, connect a DVD player, game console, or a traditional MP3 player is not a problem.

Optimal listening pleasure is with a matching subwoofer to experience. The speakers with a subwoofer allow it to watch DVDs and thereby feel sound like in a movie theater. Another really positive aspect the installed Bluetooth is technology as a wireless speaker. This offers a so far not all-time high uneingeschrenkten music and in particular full freedom in the choice of the medium, from which come the music heard. The wireless one speaker as a Bluetooth displays for example a mobile device, with which it can connect. Once a successful connection is established, it is to play a possible music from mobile phone over the new sound system. So does listening to music with the wireless speakers with any other device in your own four walls and makes music as comfortable as previously never imagined. Who would have the a short time ago thought that it is even possible, the Internet radio stations from the Office very comfortably in the living room to stream in which to set up quite a few speakers and they can connect via Bluetooth with all its devices? Not only a wireless speaker test proves that face a large proportion of all users of this advanced technology with enthusiasm. Most reporting test speaker in the wireless also a complete sense of freedom regarding the selection of the individual components of other technical devices in its budget. Thus, the wireless seems to an absolute trendsetter speakers are the young and old to inspire white.

SOLAMAGIC Create Natural Heat

Heat technology created by Kang light optimum radiant heat at comparatively low energy consumption who knows that not: actually, it’s still warm during the day, you plant a garden party for the Friday evening with friends or colleagues and prepared a nice evening. Because it already has experience and knows that it can be cool to advanced hour, you take appropriate clothing and also thinking about an open fire to warm. Unfortunately, the experience also shows that even the best preparation is usually insufficient. The heat is not enough to stay the evening out long, first freeze the women, then at some point the strong men shiver. Radiant heat from conventional heating sources is not only subjective, she achieved and usually no optimum spread. Knoch light with its SOLAMAGIC products committed on the optimization of radiant heat with the SOLAMAGIC thermal radiators on infrared basis. Donate warmth out of the socket immediately at your fingertips. On the basis of short waves, the immediate achieve the body, provide a low-cost and energy-saving heat.

Heart of the spotlight is infrared technology, which heats up the air not directly irradiated body. Odourless and noiseless warmth is so similar to the sunlight. New in the program are the light-heat-speaker combinations and the radiant heater 1400 Watt (SOLAMAGIC 1400 ECO +) or 2000 Watt (SOLAMAGIC 2000 ECO +), the splash water protected, have a radio dimmer (optional) and a heat-RADIUS can reach up to 16 m. More improvements over the first generation of the new radiant heater is ECO-plus able to achieve an overall higher level of heat with less energy consumption. In the comfort zone (heated area) extends significantly even at very lower outdoor temperatures. That pays for the private man as well as for professional use. Contacts: Solamagic Knoch-Licht GmbH at the Zeulenroda editorial office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn Knoch light, heat lamps, bistro table, infrared heaters, infrared, smoking area, heat zone.

Windows Tablets

CT-PEN: New system combines different methods of handwritten, mobile data acquisition. Salzburg CT-PEN offers a unique system for handwritten data acquisition by means of an electronic pen (Anoto) and Android, iOS (naturalFORMS) as well as Windows based tablet computers. All systems can be combined and provide information collected by hand immediately in the central customer IT as PDF, and XML. The plain text result from an ingenious ICR font recognition system. The forms for all methods be centrally created, managed and stored. Each form can be pre-filled with data such as E.g. addresses, order details etc..

Digital pen: the user fills out a form with the electronic pen and tap a checkbox on the form for the transmission. The data thus collected are sent through a mobile phone (Bluetooth and GPRS) to the Central Server for evaluation and are the customers immediately as PDF and XML in plain text available. In addition, pictures from your mobile phone, bar codes can be the forms as well as Voice messages and files are transmitted. Tablet – naturalFORMS: the user fills out the tablet computer handwriting with the stylus (small PIN) or with your finger the predefined form fields. The result is immediately in the central IT of the customer’s disposal. The recording can be done offline, so without an active Internet connection. Fields such as customer data, can be pre-charged.

FormCommander: Central communication module and interfaces. Transmission of data in any database systems, conversion into various formats. To export to DMS systems in a flexible workflow management system. The integration of the FormCommanders in the customers IT is done quickly and easily. Master data, such as customer and order data can be – printed on the forms and passed to the interface (XML, SQL, ASCII, etc.) on request even with time stamp and GPS data. DeskVerifier: The control of received forms using this application. The forms can be easily refinished in the network as a Windows program and be managed. Common words are passed in a lexicon and special fields, such as article – or customer data, available through popup menus to choose from. Additional documents, such as images or MS Word documents be attached via drag & drop.