It happens to many of us that when we share with our friends, our spouses, etc. and want to give us a time to enjoy, away from work and routine, come feelings of guilt; We believe in our children, in our family, our studies, etc., and we feel at the unconscious level as a few rakes, a happy-go-lucky, profligate, irresponsible, etc. These sins are learned from childhood when they restricted us sweets, toys that we liked, or our favorite, cartoon telling us: doing your homework first (duty = suffering) and then you can play (from 17: 00 to 18: 00 hrs. I can be happy, an hour a day I have permission to be happy). Elon University shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. ay. This does not mean we must pass at parties, go to the movies or do what we like all day, I think that the solution is simply to enjoy what we do on a daily basis. Although many say, how can I enjoy a job that I don’t like, a relationship that dislike me or studying the bouquet that I like less, etc.

The solution is to allow you to feel good, enjoy and be happy when you want it. Isearch has plenty of information regarding this issue. Your mood does not have why depend on the environment of those who surround you, of your teammates, your partner, what to eat or what it could not do.Your state of mind, is as a gift where the wrapper is the medium, what surrounds you (friends, family, work, University, etc.), the value of the gift does not depend on the package, is only an ornament. Your state of mind depends on yourself, of wanting to be good despite the circumstances, despite staying extra hours, I allow me relax and feel good. These simple phrases generate changes at the mental level. With EFT (emotional freedom techniques) you can do these simple phrases to produce effects throughout your bio energy system. Marc Mathieu spoke with conviction.