Better Participation and Communication

It takes a effective leadership to promote greater participation and and better communication with schools and your institution’s union bodies which are generally not acting within the scope of its jurisdiction where a breach of his duties has led to the demoralization of the trade, a weak projection as such and the same location in the background as a legitimate representative of the Licensed Body respective role assigned by the Law on the Practice of the Profession. a The school must turn to his law, regimentation, which was adopted on April 21, 1. 979, thirty years, where there are many gaps in their articles, items that have to be updated according to the present reality. It should be noted that on many occasions when I was under my chair by the problem of the Venezuelan government, faces School of Management, University of Carabobo, there were more than 10 seminars that dealt with this law, where the presenters and as students, evaluating the extent of the law and provided implications necessary to reinforce the suggestions, update, something that unfortunately were never considered. Yes, there is evidence that the attempt was made by Prof. Nestor Requena, who has held office in the Federation and was involved in the development of the law, however not achieved anything. Many times he told his then president William Castle, the opinions of some speakers, such as future graduates, opinions such as: a it is not possible to take into account the views suggestion, of expressing their views, ideas, to carry out a height Management College, committed and aggressive to the changing context of our society, to wear in regulations, statutes, institutional interests, or inter union National Games. We need to consider a permanent Project Guild character to carry the name of the Bachelor of Business Administration, projects throughout Venezuela and the world.

It was mentioned also that one of the major concerns regarding the role of the College of Directors is that “the mission in light of the demands of the environment has not reached a clear strategic vision” which means that, taking into account the society in which we are engaged, full idea changes constant and daily affected by globalization, technology, the emergence of the new “knowledge society”, government policy has created uncertainty, the need to propose new strategies, giving way to actions consistent a present reality.