Randy Gage

So communication very similar to this. You are awake and starting to someone talk about their service, and he is depressed and you pshit and cdulis. How do we raise our level? How did gain a positive. So that was enough for a day? We begin with the charge in the morning for the mind. Where gain a positive and confident. One man told his nobleman in the morning – "Arise, my king, you expect great things!" Something like that.

Bodo Schaefer recommended that the pre-record their achievements in life, when you do something beneficial sold, someone won, won the competition, something like that. In the morning reading it. In the evening join the list. Advice from a millionaire Randy Gage – read books by authors who, you elevate and cheer. Tackle themes: that you pleasure.

all depends on VASVy right to choose whom to sell. Since you are a buyer it is important to the team with whom you unite, your choice. German billionaire Bodo Scheffer told an interesting metaphor – you pick up on Mountain of plenty, there are people who are also seeking up, unite with them in the team help them. Do not help those who are going down, they utaschat you for a vnikuda, at high speed, even though such people is very small. Look around terms of look, who strive for wealth and survival, and who has long been a quagmire of circumstances, and tells us how bad all around, and what you're bad.

Custom Relationship Management

Certainly, almost every head of the company, sales manager, director of marketing and not only faced with the concept of customer relationship management (CRM – Custom Relationship Management), but still has baggage of unresolved issues with regard to it. Various sources are full of definitions of this concept, which she attributed not only that, ultimately, confuses the reader even more strongly. For more information see this site: Michael Dell. What this concept is to Really? The study of this issue for three years at least greatly confused me. But interestingly, the answers to your questions were just still in the very same sources that as it may seem at the beginning, and not irrelevant to the issue. So, studying the philosophy of China (5 century BC), I ran into the following interesting facts. Eloquent Chinese philosopher Mo Tzu advocated a management model that places emphasis on obedience, rules-savings in the cost of collectivism.

Defend these views in our time not even worth it, everyone thinks about their own benefit, forgetting about their opponents. However, in those days there was cause for dispute. Can not low. "When a noble man sees opportunity to profit, he thinks of righteousness" – Confucius said. The dispute has allowed me to see the sources of the current corporate codes of ethics (which directly relates to CRM). Are business ethics, perhaps to seek the most beautiful, harmonious, fair decision, and not cost effective.

Unfortunately, such ideas are not popular. So much for the concept, be virtuous, so to speak "Noble men of" in relation to their clients. And those who watched the case from a particular competitor drastically went up the hill, I advise you to think, is not the philosophy of your company is your personal gain. I will add one thing, that in our time, given the multidimensionality of the business and its performance without excessive technology, namely, the software can not do. His first steps in the crm, you can start with the free version of CRM-software Quick Sales.