ECG Computer

The computer can not replace the teacher in the performance of the teaching function. In the use of new technologies, the teacher assumes responsibility for putting at the disposal of the student the advantages they can provide within the curriculum. Computer programs of didactic application, except for programming languages, and also excluding applications properly informatics as processors of texts, data bases, the spreadsheets, etc., are designated generally as educational programs. In the trade. It is more than just computers, welcome to technology.

Laptops connected via Wifi or via mobile, Mobile Office, control of the business with web cams. A host of utilities that should know, that are adapted specifically to each business, and in many cases at affordable prices. Advances technology achieved by humankind in the field of telematics and telecommunications they revolutionized and completely changed the conception of tangible and embodied trade through paperless secured by seals and signatures, emerging a new conception of graphic and written expression through the use of non-tangible means. We have a brand new process of dematerialisation, in the sense of replacing the traditional paper support, most not of material things to do without some often confused, because we know that the electronic world or digital is not one completely intangible. The computer has generated a without number of inputs to the economic sciences and within them to the area of finance. In science. The use of information technology as a tool for helping medicine is a reality on the rise.

Since ancient times many human activities have been based on repetition, sometimes very burdensome, acts or calculations and in the same way that basic math operations were invented to simplify them, arose the need for improvement limited benefits offered by the mind of man to calculate, as the various Sciences became more complex. The activities in which the computer may collaborate with health personnel, are many and could be grouped into technical, training, administrative and management tasks. Its use in the majority of modern medical instrumentation facilitates the analysis of data, waves, images etc. allows use in a simple and efficient technical complex, such as monitoring, ECG, CT, magnetic resonance analysis. In recent years will be adding new applications to medicine, such as biomedical electronic publications, telemedicine, driven by the rise of the INTERNET and its World Wide Web and computer records of medical history.